Abrasive water jet can cut the hardest of materials

Abrasive water jet cutting machines Abrasive water jet cutting machines are able to take on tougher tasks than traditional pure water jets. While the water jet machines are efficient at cutting materials with high accuracy and precision, it may have difficult time dealing with harder/tougher materials. By adding an abrasive materials (usually garnet or aluminium oxide) to the process, abrasive water jets are able to handle the toughest tasks.
While pure water only jets are mostly used for softer materials such as plastic, wood or rubber, abrasive water jets are able to handle the following materials.
  • steel (and stainless steel)
  • marble
  • granite
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • titanium
It is no wonder that abrasive water jets have become an industry standard. Any cutting job which requires quality or accuracy will most likely utilize water jets. Water jet cutting is also known as a "cold process" since it produces no heat. No heat means that the material being cut will not be negatively impacted by the cutting procedure, adding to the benefits of water jet cutting.
Speed is usually a concern when it comes to water jet cutting. When compared to plasma cutting, water jet cutting does lag behind in the time schedule. The important thing to note about this comparison is that the two are not meant to compete but are meant to complement each other. It is like comparing apples and oranges when you try to compare water jet cutting with plasma cutting.
Where water jet lags in speed, it makes up for through high precision, accuracy and flexibility. Modern advancements such as 3D water jet cutting machines are able to produce more intricate results than ever before, allowing water jets to be a one stop solution to all your precision cutting needs.
The flexibility that water jets offer are simply phenomenal. From automotive industry to glass art production, virtually anyone anywhere can take advantage of water jet cutting since its potential of utilization is limitless. From heavy machinery parts to the smallest trinkets, water jet machines are highly adaptable to take on any task at hand.
Such high level of flexibility also become advantageous on logistic levels. Rather than to contract out your projects to various companies to meet your various needs, you will be able to consolidate all your profile cutting needs from a single company with abrasive water jet capability. This allows you to save money by placing a larger bulk order and also save time by dealing with a sole service provider.
Industrial scale water jet cutting is a mission critical service required by countless number of companies throughout the world. The choice you make can easily make or break the project you're working on. To ensure that your project can be completed to the specifications you require, you should also check for the profiling company's procedure regarding ISO (International Organization for Standardization) guidelines which will guarantee a stated level of service.
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